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Design Scene (Delaplane)

no pay

I'm a graphic designer working from my home studio, and I want to experiment with opening up my space to creators, business owners, artists and dilletantes who are interested in creating graphic design, art, illustration, etc. If you can demonstrate that you have taken initiative toward activities like these and you would like to hang out with a designer and talk shop, or just show up and work, here's your invitation.

You may be wondering, what's the catch? Where's the money? Is this a ruse to get clients in the studio to pressure them into buying design?

Here are the answers: There is none. As I mentioned, I freelance. And no, it's not. This is a good place to outline an important part of what I have in mind. You must demonstrate that you have made headway on creating something in order to redeem this invite. Obviously you don't have to be a pro or have some particular number or type of projects in your portfolio, but you should be prepared to meet beforehand and to show me what you're up to and describe your goals with your project(s). And for the record, I'll also clarify that this is not a chance to score free labor, supplies or equipment. If you need it, please plan to bring it.

I'll also mention what's in this for me. I'm used to having a scene. I like scenes. Scenes get stuff done, they provide a degree of randomness and unexpected. They give me something to live up to. But being out here, I notice that it's not so easy to connect with others doing this work. So this is something new I'm trying. When I think along these lines I imagine fellow designers, people who are just starting out, people who are cool and who want to hang around and draw stuff or write code or work photos or whatever. For these people, the conversation and the availability of a space will offer a benefit.

That's one side of the coin. The other is that I've been thinking about the client-designer relationship and the emergent paradigm of the owner/curator/creator. I'm intrigued by the possibility that design may need to adapt and find new ways to form connections between people who want to focus full-time on creative work (people like me) and this new breed of semi-DIY clientele. My thought is that if I encounter business owners through this approach then what I learn may pave the way to a new studio format that would be very interesting indeed. For these people, professional camaraderie, a no-strings-attached perspective, and a formal impetus to get-er-done will offer a benefit.

So. You designers cranking out jobs solo, you business owners crafting your own brochures, cards and ads, you social media obsessives itching to make those viral posts, you painters who want to work and listen to music, anyone who would benefit from access to the studio, let's connect.


About me: I've been making graphic design for over 15 years. I've worked as a commercial artist for entities you've heard of as well as many more you haven't. I've produced a lot of self-initiated and underground projects. As a teenager I learned the print trade and became a journeyman platemaker. I have a design degree from a school with a well known department. I bring an experienced perspective and an enduring sense of curiosity. And above all, I'm in it for love of the craft.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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