Storage Unit for sale (Linden)

I have a storage unit that is full. It is a 10 x 24 foot unit located in Toms Brook Virginia. It is full to the brim of household goods. Old stuff. I'm not sure what all is in there. From the open door I appears to have all kinds of stuff crammed in there. I am overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to let go . There is mostly useable stuff to me but may be a lot of trash to some one else. It looks like good stuff for a Fleamarket of thrift store. It has been rented for over 20 years by my father who passed away a couple months ago. Not sure what it is worth. I looked into an Auction but they are all backed up for too much time, so I want to sell it for set price of 700.00 dollars or best offer. If interested contact me and we can discuss it. I won't allow buyer to dig into it or pull out everything to get a better look. Like Auctions, they don't let you dig, they only have the door open to take a look. I'm sure there is some stuff that will be thrown away even though to me it could be used. Looking from the open door I know there are, Old lamps, pool ques, cordless drills, fireplace tools, Pictures, small furniture, old Coleman lanterns, filing cabinets, etctetctec.... I don't have time to go through it my self that's why I need to let it all go at one time.

thanks for your tiem and consideration.

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