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Get rid of Governor Blackface (Everywhere)

We need to get rid of this disgrace before we all end up in chains. If they succeed in disarming ppl then what do you think comes next? So Fuck Ralph Northam and his unconstitutional bullshit and all the soft ass ppl that support this tyrannical power play. Lets be honest If saving lives was the goal they would ban cigarettes, or lower the speed limit. Gun control is all about control over the ppl in fear they will beable to fight back against being eventually put in chains. If they ever get their way many more ppl will die because of not having access to their firearms. Also if they get their way how are you going to fight back when they crush your 1st amendment right? Oh wait you wont beable to, and that's exactly what they are preparing for. They fear monger ppl into compliance while simultaneously walking around with armed guards. Will they afford every citizen that protection when they steal our guns? They constantly blast these shootings all over tv nationwide but haven't you wondered why they silence any and all shootings involving saving ppls lives? And this just creates a platform for ppl wanting attention to do the same so they will get famous by the left and become the victim. Btw there are way more ppl saved by guns every year that they dont want ppl to know about. They want everyone scared and the sheep following him are helping them steal the freedoms of this country. When criminals are able to rob and steal and kill without fear of being shot, dont you think that crime will increase? What about shooting sports? Ppl express their rights safely and responsibly and they deserve to be treated like a criminal and their property stolen based on fear that someone may or may not get shot? That makes absolutely no sense. Hell more ppl are killed by hammers than the "scary looking" ar15. Bet they didn't spread that on cnn news. Look at the gun rally on jan 20th in Richmond. If guns were so bad. How come there wasn't any problems whatsoever? Gather a bunch of left wing protesters and they bomb the ice building and destroy the flag, or assualt anyone that doesn't agree. See the difference? So Ill fly a balloon as long as he rides his ass off with it!
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